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A new weekly video and audio mental health podcast empowering diverse teens, young adults families and communities.

Couched in Color is a new weekly podcast hosted by Dr. Alfiee M. Breland-Noble (Dr. Alfiee) designed to enlighten and encourage dialogue on the mental health needs of youth, young adults, families and communities of color.  We are a new breed; a video and audio podcast, showcasing the genius of mental health experts, advocates and teens themselves. 

Dr. Alfiee is a pioneering psychologist, scientist, media personality and author who shares the mic weekly gaining wisdom and insights from her rotating panel.  Subscribe, give us a listen and please spread the word.


May 27, 2020

This week, Dr. Alfiee meets TV Producer and mental health advocate Tony Cornelius, creator of the hit BET show “American Soul", which like our episode 9, premieres this week. American Soul chronicles the story behind his father Don Cornelius’s iconic TV music and dance show, "Soul Train" which became one of the longest-running syndicated programs in American television history. Tony is a gifted storyteller and charismatic advocate for suicide prevention in diverse communities. He began this work after the tragic loss of his famous father Don who died by suicide in 2012.
Channeling his grief, Tony launched the Don Cornelius Foundation and joined the board of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, both of which advocate for mental health well-being, suicide awareness and prevention.